*11/18/20:  The exhibition is postponed NEW! LinkIconTOPICS
*07/20/20: Update Exhibition MovieLinkIconTOPICS
  *04/01/20: Update MyWed-site, Houss-site & Wedding pageLinkIconTOPICS
*03/23/20: 13th International Color Award Professional still-life nominee LinkIconTOPICS
*01/15/20: Update Exhibition Report LinkIconTOPICS
*10/13/19: Update Exhibition InformationLinkIconTOPICS
*5/10/19: Update profile    LinkIconTOPICS 
  *4/10/19: Update profile LinkIconPROFILE 
  *4/10/19: International color Award Nominee  LinkIconTOPICS       
  4/10/19 : Exhibtion report at KANKAKU MUSEUM LinkIconTOPICS     
  3/11/19: KAO'RU Exhibition Vol.9 at NisshinCity Hall Gallery  LinkIconTOPICS       
  *3/11/19: 9th International Exhibiton 1000 Small Boxes 2018  at Kankaku Museun LinkIconTOPICS
*1/15/19: KAO'RU Exhibition Vol.14 at ART SPACE KIMURA -Exhibition Report Movie Update-  


More sample provided on request.
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